about me

i'm iooioio. i have many identities (just like you). i'm a husband, father, programmer, music lover, inhabitant of planet earth, gamer, investor, nixos user and and and. i'll probably explore some of these identities to varying degrees in this garden.

i listed "husband" as the first identity. that's no coincidence (though the rest are in a mostly random order). it may sound cheesy but my wife is the most important person in the world to me. she knows more about me than anybody else and, likewise, influences me more than anyone or anything else. together we form one whole.


born in 1988. i grew up bilingually (one british, one german parent) as one of six siblings. lived in england, homeschooled, then moved to germany with the fam when i was ten. started going to school (homeschooling is illegal in germany), graduated and spent a year in thailand.

my time in thailand was tough and very valuable. my experiences there helped me break out of the fundamentalist christian system i had been raised in and opened up an entirely different world to me.

i went on to study at university, then started work. despite various changes along the way, i've mostly remained self-employed and am currently working as a freelance software developer.

in 2017(ish) i started a series of coaching seminars which accelerated my life in ways i never would have imagined. i met a beautiful lady at one of these, moved to berlin to live with her. we got married and now have two kids (girl: 2019, boy: 2021). they're pretty cool. they drive me up the wall sometimes but i love em.

some stuff that i use

i think there's a thing that some tech folk do on their websites. they add a "uses" page that lists some of the software they use... or something like that. anyway, that's what this is.

getting in touch

you can get in touch via email (replace "you" with "me") or find me on the fediverse. my response times vary but can occasionally be measured in weeks.