i like coffee. i mostly drink filter coffee, though i recently started added a french press to my repertoire. light and medium roast arabica is my favourite. not really into espresso and co.


this is what i currently use:

method: pour over

this is my standard method. i use it every day:
  1. boil filtered water
  2. weigh and grind coffee (usually about 32g)
  3. rinse filter with hot water
  4. put some baking soda[2] in the filter (the water here is pretty hard)
  5. add coffee grounds
  6. ensure water is about 95°C (for some beans i go down to 90°C) and weigh it (usually about 512g)
  7. bloom[3]
  8. pour water over grounds, slowly and carefully
  9. enjoy

method: french press

when i use the french press i use james hoffman's ultimate french press technique. i'm still rather inexperienced with the french press and only use it about twice a week.

[1] i use paper filters and place them into the provided filter, since the latter is too leaky

[2] i use this

[3] check the respective section on this page if you don't know what "bloom" means