2022-04-24: update

i've been wanting to do another post, add something to this site for a while, but i haven't done it. one of the reasons has been that perfectionism again. i still don't feel comfortable publishing anything that's half-baked or not complete in some way or other. but yeah: fuck that. here we are.

some of the things i've thinking about writing about include... but those ideas will have to wait for another day.

meat world

you see, one of the other reasons i haven't been tending to my digital garden recently is that i've been spending more and more of my time in meat world... and i've been really enjoying it.

ironically, one of things i've been up to instead is real gardening. i'm trying to reconnect to nature and decided to plant some shrubs and flowers in the tiny plot of soil (the german term is Baumscheibe) on the pavement in front of my door step. it's my first attempt at anything resembling gardening and i can't say it's going incredibly well so far but i've been loving every minute of it.

it's an entirely new world for me to delve into, so there are lots of terms for me to learn and as i learn the language, the way i perceive my surroundings changes too. i'm learning about different kinds of plants, what kind of soil they need, how they procreate, what role worms and bees play, etc. in the process my understanding of the complexities of (and my respect for) nature is increasing.

it's quite sad how detached we have become in modern western society, seeing ourselves as separate from nature and disregarding the needs and wants of the beings (trees, birds, insects, etc.) all around us. to many of us they have become (or always were) invisible. i want to re-connect. my little garden won't change the world but it feels like a step in the right direction.